Although sexism and sexual harassment is not new, 2017 elevated the conversation worldwide in an unprecedent way. Rampant abuses were reported in Hollywood, government, media and business. Women found few safe spaces, especially womxn of color. Intersection of race, gender, religion, and socio-economics was missing from many of the conversations and spaces even among women, which gave birth to Womxn/Girls are Powerful Zones.


  1. Create a healing space for women to be heard, and
  2. Allow womxn of color to define misogyny or denial of their social, cultural, economic, and political rights.

The mission is to promote “Womxn are Powerful and Girls are Powerful Zones” to promote a healing and empowering space that allows womxn and girls to feel safe, promote self-love, to be unapologetic in fighting for their rights, and finding their voice to speak out and stand up so they are heard.


  • Establish a policy of “Womxn are Powerful/Girls are Powerful Zones”at schools, non-profits, and other accessible spaces: ZERO Tolerance for Misogyny


  • Listen when womxn speak

  • Give womxn credit for their work

  • Uplift womxn at all times

  • Always ask for consent

  • See womxn for their mind not their body

  • Recognize diversity as a strength

  • Speak out against injustices towards womxn

  • Create physical boundaries

  • Be inclusive of ALL womxn

  • Celebrate womxn when womxn win


  • Don’t silence womxn

  • Don’t take credit for womxn’s work

  • Don’t belittle Womxn

  • Don’t touch womxn without their consent

  • Don’t judge womxn by the way they dress

  • Don’t discriminate against womxn

  • Don’t make jokes about womxn

  • Don’t tell womxn they are bossy

  • Don’t mansplain